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Dale Holmes graduated with a BA in Theology 1976 and worked as an Assistant Minister until 1980 when he came to the US on a Rotary Graduate scholarship and obtained a Masters degree in Public Health (majoring in Health Education), as well as a Master’s in Health Care Administration from Loma Linda University in1983.

Until 1989 Mr. Holmes served simultaneously as Vice President of two hospitals in operations
and business development and was involved in all aspects of operations, including strategic
planning, government contract negotiations, employee and community relations, marketing, cost containment and accountability systems.

In 1990 he began his entrepreneurial career with partners from Rome and NTM telecommunications companies, recruiting and training a nationwide network of independent agents. In 1996 Mr. Holmes further pursued business development consulting opportunities, including lobbying governments in third world countries for digital cellular licenses, researching manufacturing in Belize, launching a nutritional supplement vitamin/health network for MDR in Florida, bringing an economic development program to a primitive region in Papua New Guinea, launching prepaid internet in Australia and packaging a $15 million deal for a real estate venture in the US.

For the past ten years he has managed surgery centers in Arizona for independent as well as
national, publicly traded ASC companies and is currently developing out of network ASCs as part of a 100 plus ASC organization. Mr. Holmes is an acknowledged negotiator, physician recruiter and ASC operations expert.


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